CentriKid is an overnight camp for 3rd–6th graders to experience the time of their lives and learn more about the message of Jesus Christ!  Camps are staffed by college and seminary students who can’t wait to hang out with your kids and love to share Christ through every aspect of camp! At CentriKid, we promise to free your hands of all the little distractions associated with kids ministry.  For one week out of the year, hand us the clipboard.  We’ll handle lunch, plan Bible Study, set up Recreation, organize leaders, and lead Worship sessions. You, along with your other leaders, have one main job: make every minute count.  We want to help you build life-changing relationships in ministry at church and at CentriKid!

   A $50 dollar deposit is due to reserve your spot.  

Typical Camp Day

7:00 AM             Breakfast / Quite Time 

8:30 AM             I Can’t Wait

9:00 AM            Team Time 

11:00 AM           Lunch

12:15 PM           Team Time 

1:30 PM             Track A

2:30 PM             Track B

3:30 PM             Track C

4:30 PM             Hang Time

5:30 PM             Dinner

7:00 PM             Worship

8:00 PM             Church Group Time       

10:00 PM           Head to Room

10:30 PM           Lights Out

What to Bring to Camp:

T-Shirts & Shorts

Socks & Underwear

Tennis Shoes



Sleeping Bag or Twin Sheets & Blanket





Pen or Pencil

Bug Spray

Sun Screen


Please Do Not Bring:

Cell Phones

(see policies)

Music Players

Handheld Gaming Devices



Recreational Drugs




Two Piece Swimsuits (gals)

Speedo Swimsuits (guys)