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Kat Carmon
Preschool Choir Director
Children's Choir Director
Merrill Catt
Children’s Choir Director
Jared Veteto
Music Intern

 Nettleton Baptist Church is committed to building up the Body of Christ. We are dedicated to reaching all people with the Hope of the Gospel. Our focus is on building peoples lives that reflect and demonstrate the character of Jesus Christ.

We come together each week to be involved in the most awesome worship. It is not awesome because of who we are; it is awesome because of WHO we worship – our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is our audience of One.
The praise team, choir and band lead our morning worship services. It is a great time for our entire church to come together in praise for this time of intergenerational worship. We sing a variety of styles during our time of worship: heavenly highway hymns, traditional hymns, Gaither, Casting Crowns, Bethel, Hillsong to the latest Tomlin songs and a lot in between. I guess in today’s worship vernacular it would be called a “blended” service but the goal of our time together is to create an atmosphere where it is easy to connect with God on a weekly basis and not make it about us but our Savior.

Choir/Praise Team/Ensemble

The Celebration Choir leads in morning worship services and provides special songs of praise. They also are a major part of our Christmas Drama/Musicals, Easter Season Presentations and Patriotic Celebrations.

The Ensemble is a group that meets on occasion to provide songs for our times of worship and seasonal musicals.

Technical Ministries

In addition to music, we are always in need of people who are gifted in sound, media, and lighting. If you have experience or would be willing to train in any of these areas, you would be of great service to our Lord here at NBC.


Wednesday: 6:00 pm – Choir (Open to all adults)

Sunday: 8:30 am – Traditional Worship Service
9:35 am – Bible study for All Ages
10:45 am – Contemporary Worship Service
5:45 pm – Preschool Choir (Age 4 – Kindergarten) – August – May 5:45 pm – Children’s Choir (Grades 1-6) – August – May
6:00 pm – Worship