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 Our Daily Bread

Throughout the day, in countless locations and in dozens of countries around the world, Our Daily Bread is read by millions of people. And for every person who opens its pages, one thing is always true: It points to the joy of a relationship with Jesus Christ and the timeless wisdom found in God’s Holy Word.

My Study Bible has officially launched as a public beta to preview the growing features and content several weeks in advance of the long-awaited HCSB Study Bible. contains the complete HCSB Study Bible AND commentary notes, as well as select content from books like the Holman New Testament Commentary and references from Strong’s Greek and Hebrew Dictionary.

“The online Bible site will continue LifeWay’s path to utilizing the Biblical text in new ways, presenting products and ideas where the Bible itself becomes the basis for our digital publishing efforts.”

Explore The Bible

This is a supplement to our current weekly Sunday School Lessons.

Bible Studies For Life

This is a supplement to our current weekly Sunday School Lessons

Right Now Media

Our church is providing everyone here an on-line Bible study library that has over 2000 video sessions. As you saw in that video, there is teaching from a host of well-respected pastors and teachers on almost every subject that impacts your daily life. You have received an email invitation from me. Simply accept that invitation and you can log into RIGHT NOW MEDIA and watch any of these 2000 video sessions for free. If you don’t receive the email or have questions, please contact us. Or possibly our church doesn’t have your email address yet. Please just email and we will get you an invitation.