Online Group Resources

To receive your “free gift,” click on this link: RightNow media page to register. You will have access to over 10,000 free videos for you and your family. It’s the Netflix of Christian Bible Study.
Open a Zoom account by going to Zoom is temporarily waiving attendance and duration limits on free accounts. Because no one knows how long restrictions on movement and gathering will last, the group host should consider having a paid account.
Schedule your group’s meeting time in Zoom, which integrates with calendar apps. Be sure to make it a recurring meeting. Zoom can automatically create an email invitation for participants or you can copy and send the meeting details (link, ten-digit meeting number, and dial-in number).
Select your group’s focus—a biblical book, preferably our current study on the book of Romans. The leader may propose options for the group from the RightNow Media library.
The Zoom app and website will provide technical details about starting and running the meeting, but the guidance below is specifically about using Zoom to lead a discussion-based RightNow Media study.
We highly recommend that all participants use a headset or earbuds during the meeting to ensure sound quality. We also recommend that participants mute themselves when not speaking.
If the group plans to view the video portion separately, each member should open a RightNow Media account so they can watch at their leisure. If you choose to watch together, follow these instructions:
When you are ready to start the video, click “Share” on the Zoom app menu. A selection window will open. First, check the “Share Computer Audio” box in the bottom left corner to allow others to hear. Then, select the web browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari) you use to view RightNow Media.

You can control the video (e.g., play, pause, full screen) and your group can speak at the same time. But, you may wish to mute the microphones and use Zoom’s chat feature (see app menu) to make comments during the video. After the video, click “Stop Share,” and discuss.

Facebook Group

The following are some resources that will help you as a class leader, stay connected with your class. This will also help your groups to connect with each other. Please connect it to Nettleton Baptist Church Facebook via request.

Create a Facebook Group for your class

Here’s how to create a page for your church:

  • Log in to your personal Facebook account.
  • Select “Create Page” from the drop-down menu or go to
  • Select your Page Type. The best option for churches is Company, Organization, or Institution. You can then select Religious Organization and add a page name (this would be the name of your church).