NBC “Faith Builders” ministers to children ages birth through kindergarten

 Our purpose is to partner with families to build upon God’s Word a strong spiritual foundation in a safe environment.

We are excited to hear about the upcoming addition to your family!
Please register with us so we can share in your joy,
Congratulations of the birth of your new baby! Our church body wants to join you in gratitude and joy as we celebrate the blessing God has placed in your life. Parent/Child Dedication allows the church to partner with you, pray for you, and encourage you as you look forward to all God will do through the life of your child.
Before your family can participate in a dedication service, you will need to complete the dedication application. This form is only a request. Once you have submitted the application you will receive an email to further instruct you in the scheduling process.
 Classes will be open for receiving preschoolers 10 minutes prior to regular church-wide activities and services.