WELCOME parents and preschoolers!  We thank God for preschoolers and the opportunity we have to teach them at NBC.  We take seriously our privilege and responsibility to provide quality Bible teaching and care in a clean and safe learning environment. Because we believe it is important to capture the minds and imagination of preschoolers with biblical truth, everything your child participates in, from lessons to games, will focus on teaching them the truth of the Gospel. Our goal is to partner with you in teaching our preschoolers God’s word at the very earliest stages of their lives. It is a privilege for us to serve you and to work with you in the spiritual training of your preschooler.  Classes will be open for receiving preschoolers 10 minutes prior regular church-wide activities and services.
The safety and security of preschoolers is extremely important to us. Parents/guardians will receive a personalized security card upon check-in to insure their safety while you worship and attend Bible study and services.
God bless you as you strive to raise your preschooler in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.